2014 Athletic Hall of Fame Honorees

Athletic Hall of fame

 November 2014

Mariano Y Arrua 2003

Silvia Aguirre Barr 1984

Bill Beeman 1949

Erik Houts 1967

Damon Lembi 1990

Stephen Merchant 1973

Jacklyn O’Connor Friedland 1989

Steven Olds 1959

Frank Firpo 1970 – 2010 Teacher/Coach

2004 Varsity Baseball Team


Rich Sciutt, Coach of the Year


Eric Fregosi, Pitcher of the Year


Shane Aasian


Logan Freethyh


Henry Wrigley


Drew Shiller


Kevin Scannell


David Tufo


Victor Shramm


Justin Granato


Daniel Chu


Evan Laurie


Dominic Mitchell


Ryan Peterson