Linda Vickery McLaughlin, Class of 1967

BHS Co-Alumni of the Year honors for 2014 go to Linda Vickery McLaughlin, recently retired advisor to the Burlingame “B” as well as language and composition teacher for Advanced English. Linda’s roots at Burlingame High can be traced to 1929 when her grandfather, Sam Beeman, began his 30-year career teaching art to BHS students. Her grandmother, Alice Beeman, taught at BHS from the late 1940’s to 1969, and served a number of years as Dean of Girls. Her mother and father also graduated from Burlingame. Her mother, Elsie Beeman Vickery ‘47, was named Alumna of the Year in 1979.

Linda graduated from BHS in 1967 and took a meandering route back to the school, including studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and the College of Notre Dame in Belmont. In 1979, she ran a clothing store in Burlingame called the Black Sheep and then worked at the writing center at the College of San Mateo before landing back at Burlingame High School teaching a course in journalism.

Linda has been a dedicated English teacher, and for 26 of her 27 years at BHS, she both taught journalism and was advisor to the staff of the high school newspaper, the Burlingame B. During her tenure the paper won many top awards and made the transition to daily digital circulation. She has enjoyed seeing the newspaper grow with the advances in technology. It was a proud moment when two of her students created a computer and mobile app for the B.

As the B advisor, journalism quickly won a place in her heart. From the course and from the students, she said, “you learn so much more about the high school and community.”

For a time, there were two Ms. McLaughlins teaching at Burlingame when Linda’s daughter, Tara, taught a math class at the school. Tara, along with her brother TJ and her sister Erin, graduated from BHS, continuing the family connection, an unbroken line of four generations of students and teachers at Burlingame High School.

A devoted teacher who never turned her back on a challenge and spent every working to enhance the lives of her students. Now, in retirement, she will spend time with her grandchildren and plans on traveling and doing extensive research on the history of BHS. She is also hoping that those grandchildren, the next generation, will have the opportunity to attend Burlingame High School.

In September 2014 Linda was elected to the position of Historian of the Burlingame High School Alumni Association.